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Mayfield is a suburb that you don’t want to overlook when looking for a place to settle down and invest. It’s been dubbed Newcastle’s most popular suburb, and for good reason!

It may not offer the coastal views or the glamour of Australia’s more popular cities, but it’s a suburb that is rich in history and diversity, and has a lot of potential for capital growth.

Mayfield’s promise

If anything is going to persuade you that Mayfield is the suburb for you, let it be the potential for financial investment. The average house price is currently just under $500,000 in Mayfield, so it’s achievable for first time buyers as well as investors.

The best part is though that property prices have been constantly rising for the last ten years, and are predicted to carry on doing so. The annual growth rate for the area is currently 8.3%.

Mayfield’s rich history

This suburb is known for its industrial past, and it’s proud of it. In fact, in the 1800s, the steel industry really took off in Mayfield, and it became one of the most sought after suburbs to live in as a result. Whilst the city attracted workers with the promise of jobs, many more affluent families were attracted to the outskirts. And to this day, Mayfield still remains as culturally diverse as it was in the 19th century, with people from all walks of life and from all over the world.

There are still large stately heritage homes that give the suburb a vintage feel, and lend it more character than many other suburbs. Many other homes were built in the 1930s and 40s, for those returning from war, so there’s a real variety in terms of property.

Mayfield’s history and role in industry has left the suburb with a perfect combination of traditional and modern values, so whatever you’re looking for, you can be sure that Mayfield has it.

The best of both worlds – suburb and city life

Mayfield is perfect for those who want the business opportunities that come with a city, but the laid back atmosphere of a quiet suburb. Newcastle’s CBD (Central Business District) is only 5 kilometres away from the suburb, and is easy to reach even without your own transport, as buses run regularly. It’s also easy to travel by train from the Mayfield area, as the Waratah train station is nearby, so it’s a perfect area for commuters.

There are also plenty of small businesses and shops along Maitland Road, the hub of the Mayfield suburb. So you won’t have to travel far for groceries or essentials. There are even places for you to eat out, or grab a cup of what has been called Newcastle’s best coffee.

So with Mayfield, you don’t miss out on the convenience that comes with city life, but you also get the best of suburban life.

There are rivers and beaches that are fairly easy to travel to from the Mayfield suburb, which make for great days out for families. There are also plenty of parks within the suburb, so you won’t be short of outdoor space which is ideal for those with children.

Mayfield’s community feel

Mayfield might have entered a rough patch back in the 90s, but the suburb has since transformed into a real community that you can feel safe in.

The Mayfield Mainstreet Committee is constantly devoted to making Mayfield a suburb that people love living in. They organise community events, encouraging involvement from locals and creating a suburb to be proud of.